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Mental Skills Training

Coach Lexi Puhl

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Ready to take your performance to the next level?

What is mental performance training?

Mental performance training is the process of fine-tuning your mind to optimize focus, confidence, resilience, and performance in any area of life, helping you unleash your full potential and excel in your chosen pursuits.

About Me

My name is Lexi Puhl and I am currently a graduate student pursuing a Master's degree in Sport and Performance Psychology. As a former Division 1 athlete with 200 hours of practical experience in the field, I have a unique understanding of the mental challenges and demands that athletes face, and how important mental skills are to performance.

For more information on my graduate program click here.

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I am excited to offer a series of group and individual sessions aimed at enhancing the psychological skills involved in your game. These sessions are designed to progressively build on each other, addressing key areas such as teamwork, goal setting, mental imagery, focus, confidence, stress management, and resilience.

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